Our fish market specializes in selling the highest quality, locally caught and processed cod, haddock, grey sole, flounder, sea scallops, and shellfish. In addition, we carry fresh swordfish and tuna. Our friendly, highly-knowledgeable staff is available to help you with your questions, concerns, and selection.

We carry an ample supply of live lobsters to ensure that orders of all sizes are filled, and we're happy to cook them at no charge.  Please call the store at 508-759-7600 for more details or to place an order.

Descriptions of some of the products we carry:


  • Mild, white, flaky texture
  • Ideal for fish and chips
  • "Schrod" refers to a small cod, or haddock
  • bake, fry, grill or sautee


  • full, robust flavor, steak-like texture
  • best prepared as sushi
  • cooks great on the grill
  • look for dark, reddish color when shopping for tuna 


  • sweet flavor, firm texture
  • served whole (boiled or steamed)
  • Cape Cod is best known for its Lobster Rolls
  • Our lobsters are caught in Maine and delivered daily 


  • Mild, sweet, firm texture
  • great on the grill, baked, or fried
  • Cape Scallops are offered seasonally and have a sweeter flavor. They are dominant only to the Cape


  • great on the grill
  • look for pearly bright pink meat when shopping for swordfish
  • mild, very firm texture
  • cut into steaks, with the blood line in the center


  • Soft, plump, salty
  • Oysters vary in size, taste, and shape from one harvesting area to the next
  • very high in protein 
  • best eaten "on the half shell"